How Can UK-Based Etsy Sellers Expand Their Market with Pinterest Marketing?

March 26, 2024

For UK-based Etsy sellers, expanding their market reach is always a priority. In today’s digital world, an excellent platform to help achieve this goal is Pinterest. This visually-driven social media site has become a hotbed for crafters, collectors, and lovers of all things unique and handmade, making it an ideal match for Etsy sellers. In this article, we will explore the potential of Pinterest as a powerful marketing tool, and how you can utilise it to expand your Etsy business.

Understanding the Power of Pinterest

Before we delve into the specifics of how to use Pinterest for your Etsy business, it’s crucial to understand why this platform is so beneficial for sellers. Pinterest is not just another social media site; it’s a visual discovery engine where people go to find inspiration, explore new ideas and, ultimately, buy products. It’s a place where your creative and unique Etsy products can shine and attract more customers.

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Pinterest users, often referred to as ‘Pinners’, use the platform to plan purchases. According to Pinterest Business, 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on Pins they liked. This statistic alone shows the massive potential Pinterest holds for Etsy sellers looking to expand their customer base and increase sales.

How to Effectively Use Pinterest for Your Etsy Shop

Now that we’ve established why Pinterest is a game-changer for Etsy sellers, let’s focus on how you can integrate this platform into your marketing strategy. Pinterest marketing primarily revolves around the use of ‘Pins’ and ‘Boards’.

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Pins are the visual bookmarks that one collects on Pinterest, and Boards are where these Pins are organised. For an Etsy seller, each Pin can be a product from your Etsy shop. These Pins can then be organised into different Boards based on categories or themes, making it easier for potential customers to navigate and find what they’re looking for.

To make your Pins stand out and attract clicks, it’s crucial to use high-quality, appealing images. Pinterest is very much a visual platform, so the better your product photos, the more likely they are to draw attention. In addition to attractive imagery, each Pin should have a clear, descriptive title and a detailed description featuring relevant keywords. This practice not only informs Pinners about what you’re selling, but it also helps Pinterest’s search algorithm surface your Pins to more users.

Leveraging Pinterest’s Features for Enhanced Visibility

Pinterest offers several features that can enhance your visibility and increase your chances of making a sale. One such feature is ‘Shop the Look’, which allows users to click on individual products within a Pin’s image and be taken directly to the product’s purchase page. As an Etsy seller, this feature can be incredibly beneficial as it creates a seamless shopping experience for potential customers.

Another powerful feature is Pinterest’s Ads. Promoted Pins, or Pinterest Ads, are regular Pins that you pay to have displayed to more people. These Ads can be targeted based on location, gender, age, interests, and more, ensuring your products get in front of the right audience.

There’s also the ‘Buyable Pins’ feature that allows users to buy your Etsy products directly from Pinterest. This feature can be a game-changer as it simplifies the buying process, encouraging more Pinners to make a purchase.

Building a Strong Pinterest Strategy

Building a strong Pinterest strategy is key to successfully using the platform for your Etsy business. This strategy should include consistent pinning, engaging with others on the platform, and monitoring your analytics to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Consistent pinning helps keep your content in front of Pinners. The more you Pin, the more opportunities you have to be discovered. However, remember that quality always trumps quantity. So, while it’s important to be active, it’s equally important to ensure that your Pins are high-quality and provide value.

Engagement is another crucial aspect of a strong Pinterest strategy. This includes responding to comments on your Pins, engaging with other users’ content, and even collaborating with other Pinners. This engagement helps build a community around your brand, which can result in more visibility and sales.

Finally, monitoring your Pinterest analytics can provide valuable insights into what types of Pins are resonating with users, which can inform and refine your strategy. Pinterest provides extensive analytics to business accounts, giving you access to information like what Pins are driving the most traffic to your Etsy shop, the demographics of your audience, and more.

Collaborating with the Pinterest Community

Lastly, never underestimate the power of collaboration. Pinterest is a community, and collaborating with other Pinners can help increase your reach. This could involve teaming up with other Etsy sellers for a joint Pin, participating in group Boards, or collaborating with influencers in your niche.

By actively participating in the Pinterest community, you can increase your visibility, connect with potential customers, and ultimately, boost your Etsy sales. So, don’t just view Pinterest as a platform for promoting your products; see it as a community where you can build relationships, learn from others, and grow your Etsy business.

In conclusion, Pinterest offers various tools and features that can help UK-based Etsy sellers expand their market. By understanding the power of Pinterest, effectively using Pins and Boards, leveraging Pinterest’s features for enhanced visibility, building a strong Pinterest strategy, and collaborating with the Pinterest community, you can significantly boost your Etsy business.

Harnessing Seasonal Trends on Pinterest

Harnessing seasonal trends and holidays on Pinterest can be a powerful way for Etsy sellers to drive traffic and sales. Pinterest users are known for planning ahead, often starting their searches for holiday and seasonal items months in advance. As an Etsy seller, aligning your Pinterest strategy with these trends can maximize your visibility and profitability.

Start by creating Pinterest boards dedicated to specific holidays or seasons that align with your Etsy products. For example, if you sell handcrafted Christmas ornaments, create a board for Christmas decor inspiration. Populate this board with Pins of your products, as well as other related Pins to provide a well-rounded, engaging experience for Pinners.

Pinterest also offers a seasonal insights tool that provides data on key search terms throughout the year. Use this tool to uncover trending keywords related to your product niche during different seasons or holidays. Incorporate these keywords into your Pin titles, descriptions, and even your board names to increase the chances of being discovered in search results.

Always remember to start your seasonal Pinterest marketing strategy well in advance. Because Pinners start their planning early, you should have your seasonal products and related Pins ready to go 2-3 months ahead of the actual season or holiday. This approach allows your Pins to gain traction and increases the likelihood of being discovered by potential customers.

Utilising Rich Pins to Boost Your Etsy Sales

Rich Pins are a type of Pinterest Pin that provides more context about an idea by showing extra information directly on the Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article. For Etsy sellers, product Rich Pins can be particularly useful.

Product Rich Pins include real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy your product. This information is updated automatically whenever changes are made on your Etsy shop. This means that Pinners have access to the most current information, which can help drive more targeted traffic to your shop and potentially increase sales.

To use product Rich Pins, you must first apply on Pinterest’s website. Once approved, any existing and new Pins linking back to your Etsy shop will become Rich Pins. It’s a simple process that can significantly enhance your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Remember, Rich Pins not only provide useful information to potential customers but also create a more professional look for your Pins. This can help build trust with potential customers and encourage them to click through to your Etsy shop.


In essence, Pinterest offers a rich tapestry of opportunities for UK-based Etsy sellers. Its unique focus on visual discovery and planning makes it a potent platform for showcasing and selling your unique, handcrafted products.

Through strategic use of Pins and Boards, capitalising on Pinterest’s features like Shop the Look, Promoted Pins, and Buyable Pins, you can direct more traffic to your Etsy shop and potentially boost sales. Harnessing seasonal trends and utilising Rich Pins can further enhance your visibility and profitability. And finally, engaging with the Pinterest community and collaborating with other Pinners can help build brand awareness and form valuable relationships.

While navigating Pinterest marketing might seem overwhelming at first, remember that it’s about creating a visually engaging space for potential customers to discover and fall in love with your products. As a platform that encourages discovery and planning, Pinterest can be a match made in heaven for Etsy sellers looking to expand their market reach and grow their business.