Man makes 8,000 calorie trifle inspired by Friends and eats it in 16 minutes

A man has recreated the iconic Friends beef trifle as part of an eating challenge.

Food challenge YouTuber, Max Stanford, took on the unusual concoction for his channel Max vs Food, where he has built a following of more than 2,000 subscribers.

The famous trifle recipe, which featured in the show’s sixth season, was misread by Rachel Greene, and regrettably included a layer of beef, sauteed with peas and onions.

Max said: “I am a huge fan of Friends, it was my favourite show growing up and the Thanksgiving episode with Rachel’s trifle was definitely one of the best episodes.

“My partner is American, and I have a lot of American friends, so I have celebrated Thanksgiving for a number of years.

“I was re-watching this episode recently sparked an idea to recreate the trifle and supersize it.”

Max admitted that this challenge was as gross as it looks on the show.

He added, “I really didn’t think it would be that bad, but I was really wrong!

“Just a bit of the minced beef, peas and onions isn’t too bad, but having to eat so much it quickly got difficult.

“The flavours managed to mingle with the custard early on and each spoonful did not look too bad, but when you took a mouthful, you realised just how much beef it had in it.”

Despite the large quantity of trifle, Max managed to complete the challenge in just 16 minutes.

He said, “I thought it might take me around 30 minutes or more for this one, but
I was really impressed with my time.

“I was really nervous throughout because I needed to get the recipe exactly right from the episode, and then go on to eat and finish it.

“I didn’t originally plan on making it as big as it was, and the beef was present all the way to the bottom of the trifle, which left me with beef stuck in my teeth!”

Max prepared the mega dish entirely himself in preparation for the video.

He added: “I topped it with whipped cream as per the recipe, but I also love spray cream so I just went all out and sprayed a can of it on top to add to the calories.

“It took about an hour to prepare this for the video, but a large part of that was cooking the minced beef earlier on to ensure it was ready for layering.”

Max holds a lot of nostalgia for the episode because of Joey’s hilarious realisation that he enjoys the trifle, much to the disgust of the others at the table.

Max said: “My favourite characters growing up were easily Joey and Chandler, who always used to have me in hysterics.

“Joey’s reaction of being sweet and not wanting to let Rachel know she messed up the trifle and finally finding it delicious is just incredible.”

Max does not typically use pop culture recipes for his video inspiration, but he is now open to trying and taking on even more cinematic classics.

He explained: “I do a lot of home food challenges normally, but this was a really unique opportunity for me.

“I always love to hear from my audience through YouTube comments and Instagram, so if anyone ever has any suggestions, I encourage them to send them in and I will try to take them on.

“There will certainly be some more famous dishes from movies and TV shows in the future as well!”