Mischievous Airedale Terrier teams up with HORSE to dig under fence in ‘prison break’

An Airedale Terrier has formed an unlikely bond with his new best friend – a horse.

The friendly dog, called Maisie, has developed the somewhat bizarre relationship with her equine pal Sweetie.

In an unusual development, Maisie took an interest in Sweetie and the duo are now inseparable, and make desperate attempts to play with each other.

A video showing their incredible bond was posted into the Facebook group Life is Better with an Airedale Terrier by Heidi Oswald Monti, and it left social media users laughing.

In the hilarious video clip, viewers are introduced to the partners in crime, before they start getting up to no good.

The two have clearly formed a strong bond since they first met three years ago, to the point where they have even decided to work together to remove the fence obstacle keeping them apart.

As the footage shows, the two decided to team up in order to take down the pesky fence that has been stopping them from spending all day playing together.

The pair apparently bonded from day one, settling into a daily routine with Maisy summoning Sweetie as soon as she goes into the back garden for a kiss and a lick.

They enjoy mirroring each other, with the horse copying her furry friend, running in circles, laying down or, as shown in this clip, digging together.

The two show real determination in their efforts to tunnel their way under the fence, using their hooves and paws to work away at the ground.

Maisy appears to have the advantage when it comes to digging the hole, as she swiftly makes a deep tunnel.

But nothing is going to stop her horse friend from doing their bit, as Sweetie uses both mouth and hoof to help out.

And it’s not their first attempt.

Maisie has actually managed to break through in the past thanks to her dogged determination.

Viewers adored the friendship, with one user commenting: “Oh what an amazing bond these two have! This is precious!”

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Another commenter wrote: “What an incredibly wonderful horsey-doggie bond!”

A third added: “It amazes me how Airedales will bond with other animals.”

Known as ‘King of the Terriers’, Airedales as a breed are described by the Kennel Club as outgoing and confident as well as fearless and intelligent.