Deaf and blind springer spaniel’s search for final foster home has people in tears

A springer spaniel’s journey through hell and back has left Facebook users holding back tears.

Pip, who is currently up for long term fostering, has had a challenging life, including run ins with glaucoma and other medical issues which have left both her blind and deaf.

The 12-year-old spaniel currently resides in Selby, North Yorkshire, and is looking for a long term foster home.

She was found as a stray in an awful condition and is now ready to find herself the loving home she deserves.

When Pip was first taken in it became obvious there were medical issues for the poor rescue.

She was diagnosed with acute Glaucoma as well as having tooth decay, which resulted in both eyes and 10 teeth being removed.

Her rescuers also confirmed that Pip is almost certainly deaf, having been found with inflamed ears containing a significant amount of discharge.

But despite her health issues, the spaniel refuses to let life get her down, still loving to be walked and cuddled.

She is described as very well behaved but understandably cautious at times due to her disabilities.

Since arriving at her current home, Pip has been on walks for up to five miles and has settled in well with the family’s two dogs.

Her story was posted to the Facebook group Spaniel Aid UK, where users instantly fell in love with the gorgeous pup.

One user commented: “I’m in bits reading about this amazing girl. Hope she finds her perfect home. I would love to have her but my spaniel is bonkers.”

Another commenter wrote: “Awwww bless her I hope she finds her forever home very soon she is amazing.”

A third added: “What a gorgeous amazing girl she is.”

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According to Kennel Club, springer spaniels as a breed are friendly and have a happy disposition.

The Springer Spaniels earned their name by their practice of ‘springing’ forward to flush the game into nets

Anyone who could potentially offer Pip a home is urged to complete a form on the Spaniel Aid UK website.