Customer ‘almost left in tears’ after staff leave note in his takeaway order

In a year that has been especially tough for many, one takeaway worker managed to sprinkle a little magic.

The delighted recipient then spread the kindness a little further by writing a sweet review thanking the staff for their thoughtful gesture.

As anyone who has fallen unwell this year will know, it can be a lonely and tough time, with mandates requiring you to isolate if you develop coronavirus.

One unwell man in Australia craving some comfort food decided to order some pasta – but included a note apologising for ordering it shortly before the store closes.

He even told staff to cancel the order if it was going to be a hassle but explained that he wasn’t feeling well.

On his order for Fettuccine Carbonara pasta, he added: “I’m sorry I’m ordering so late I’m very sick right now I just woke up.

“I understand if you cancel [because] you’re trying to close the store xx.”

So the staff decided to send him a note back – and even included a free garlic bread to help him recover.

The worker wrote: “Thank you for the kind note, don’t stress about ordering late, we don’t mind.

“Here’s free garlic bread to help you feel a bit better. It’s kind messages like yours that really make my/our day better. Thank you.”

After receiving his order, the touched customer wrote a five-star review on Google, where they praised the staff and raved about the pasta.

The man wrote: “They gave me garlic bread on the house when I was feeling sick and wrote me a cute lil note in the delivery box and personally I would like to give each and every employee a little forehead kiss.

“Also, it seems like they broil the cheese on top of the carbonara and it makes it all crispy on top and personally I think I might cry it was so good, thank you kings.”

The worker shared the feedback on Reddit, where they added that it had made their day.

They wrote: “A couple of days ago someone ordered 14 mins before closing time and wrote a note to us.

“I wrote one back and gave them a free garlic bread and a couple hours ago while working, I found out they left a review about it :).

“Was pretty happy for the rest of the shift.”

One person commented: “I did not cry until the guest comment of giving you and coworkers a “little forehead kiss.” Cheers to you and them.”

Another wrote: “You’re a blessing, thank you for spreading good in this world! Now I want some garlic bread.”

A third added: “It’s nice to see the occasional person who treats people who work service like people.”