Rare 50p coin sells for £255 on eBay because of huge error check your piggybank

A rare Benjamin Bunny 50p coin has sold for £255 on eBay because of a huge error in its design.

The coin features the cute Beatrix Potter character on one side and was first released in 2017.

But what makes this particular version unusual is a mistake on the side that shows the Queen’s head.

According to the seller, the Queen’s head is in a different direction on the obverse to the design of Benjamin bunny on the reverse.

When you flip over a coin, the Queen’s head should be facing the same way as the design on the other side.

In the listing description, the seller said: “In the picture you will see the rotation error where the Queen’s head is – that’s how far the rotation is on the coin.

“When you flip it round, it should be facing up the same way as Benjamin bunny.”

The seller adds that the 50p is in “lovely condition”.

The trouble with error coins is that they are extremely rare to find and could be one of only a handful, or even one of a kind.

The Royal Mint is able to verify coins to check they are genuine.

It is worth noting this particular Benjamin Bunny 50p only ended up attracting two bids on it after a five-day auction.

This means some coin hunters may have been wary about bidding on it as it didn’t gather a lot of attention.

Around 25 million of the Benjamin Bunny coins were struck for circulation in 2017 – so it isn’t impossible that a mistake could have happened.

The design was minted as part of four coins to celebrate Beatrix Potter, with other characters in the collection including Peter Rabbit, Tom Kitten and Jeremy Fisher.

A regular version of the Benjamin Bunny 50p coin would only fetch between £1 and £1.54 on eBay, according to Coin Hunter.

You should always be wary and do your research first before buying any coin on eBay, as there are fakes floating around.

Websites and Facebook groups from change experts like Coin Hunter can help you work out if a coin is the real deal or not.

We’ve got a guide on the rarest error coins that could be worth up to £3,100.

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